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Debonaire Special Dancers

The Debonaire Special Dancers program was started by John Soiu 70 years ago. Since that time, the program has worked with special needs students to teach social etiquette and life skills by means of social dance. The program has developed a way to reach students by using rhythm and dance to stimulate their creative nature. Each student is paired with a volunteer that works with them one on one. This method embraces each student, instilling confidence and hope while teaching new steps. It is hard to tell who benefits more, the volunteer or the student.

“We have seen some amazing results with this program,” explains co-director Shari Fortino. “We have assisted students who were unable to walk and talk become highly functional, socially adept adults.”

———  Special Dancer Classes  ——–

Thursdays, 6:30 to 7:30 PM
North Minister Presbyterian Church
Contact Shari for more info

Debonaire Special Dancers is always looking for volunteers who would like to learn how to dance (no dance experience necessary) while making a wonderful contribution to their community. The Debonaire Special Dancers program is both rewarding and fun. We invite you to join us and volunteer; you will be glad you did. Visit our Contact Us page to get started.