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Private Lessons

Top 5 Reasons to Take Private Lessons

  1. Couples want to prepare a memorable and special first dance for their wedding day.
    (4 session wedding special available; contact Shari@ 805 225-1728 or by email)
  2. Most people learn 3 times faster in a private lesson than they do in a group lesson.
  3. If your schedule doesn’t permit you to take classes, private lessons are a great alternative.
  4. Experienced dancers that want to improve on their style and technique.
  5. Students that want to catch up on classes they missed.

Whether you are looking for a romantic wedding day dance or just simply to figure out your right from your left, Shari can give you the skills and the confidence you need to look good on the dance floor.

Private Lessons are $75.00 per hour for one or two students.  It is an additional $25.00 for each additional couple if you want a semi private lesson.